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Mar 11

So many ways to NOT engage.

We’ve never had so many ways to connect. We can skype, text, facebook, blog, facetime, Googletalk, tweet, link-in, webchat, and yes email (although some days I think it’s the scourge of the modern world), and probably another 10 ways that I haven’t heard of to talk to each other about things that matter to us. Great, right!? Sure. My question …

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Feb 05

Technology and the Art of Nursing

I was chatting with a colleague last week, and she was telling me about her class discussion around technology in nursing. We mused, as have others in the nursing literature, about how the truly expert nurse makes even the most intrusive technology almost invisible, whereas the novice is overwhelmed and preoccupied with it. It reminded me of …

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Oct 10

Once again: enter the NO BULLY ZONE!

I cannot believe how many nurses I speak with that feel bullied in their workplace–and I have been asked to repost these comments on the “No Bully Zone”. This is very concerning; is it symptomatic of the pressured workplaces registered nurses are now in? The academic literature calls it “horizontal violence”. By any other name, …

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Sep 05

Nursing as community

Just a short post today- and it’s more of a request for information really. The community of Slave Lake, and in particular, the nurses of Slave Lake have been on my mind a great deal. A colleague of mine was recently in that community, and when I asked about how the nurses in the area …

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Aug 27

Doing, knowing and being a Registered Nurse.

In my classroom we often discuss and debate nursing as a way of being, a way of doing and a way of knowing. Over the years, I have had a number of students tell me “I think nursing is just what I do, not who I am”.  That is a statement that I might have …

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