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Stories of moments in your career that defined, revealed or confirmed who you are as a nurse. Patricia Benner would call them "paradigm cases".

Apr 20

A “best nurse” story: old school

Caring is Nursing

Those of us with more of our careers behind us than ahead of us carry with us something precious. We carry the stories of the nurses who inspired us to be better at our craft, those “best nurse I ever worked with” stories. One of my cherished stories is about Agnes (and yes, that is …

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Apr 07

The “difficult” patient

A number of years ago, over a 3 day stretch in our small ICU, I had the opportunity to care for Jake (not his real name). Jake had lived with chronic right-sided heart failure for 17 years, and he was only 47. He was visiting in our province from a large city in the eastern US, and …

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