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Apr 18

Groundhog Day and the great health care debate. Again.

It's Groundhog Day Everyday!

I was reminded recently how much I enjoy listening to Michael Rachlis, Canadian health policy analyst and well known expert on the Canadian health care system. He was being interviewed on CBC ‘s the Current regarding health care and the upcoming Federal election. He had me, hands down, when he said this “for me, it’s Groundhog …

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Apr 15

The Canada Health Act

The ink was no sooner dry on the Canada Health Act (CHA) in 1984, and we were talking about its shortcomings and inadequacies. Is the Canada Health Act hopelessly flawed? You will remember that Monique Bégin was the Federal Minister of Health and Welfare when the Act was developed. I recently came across a 2002 …

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Apr 13

Political action: It’s a matter of trust

So…how many of you watched the English language Federal leaders debate on April 12? If you did, were you inspired by the different visions health and health care offered by our political leaders? I, for one, was disappointed. Any discussion of health, or health care was left until the very end of the debate—and the discussion …

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Apr 05

Health care and the Federal election: what’s up? Not much.


So, I’m perplexed. One full week in to the federal election campaign, and not one substantive commitment, idea or discussion of health care. The number one issue on the minds of Canadians, and virtually nothing beyond the platitudes in pre-taped ‘ads’. You might ask, given the limited contribution of the Feds to the provinces in …

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