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May 12

Happy Nurses Week to all nursing leaders!

I am having the time of my life traveling around Alberta meeting nurses from all areas of practice, administration, research, education, and it is SO much fun! On Tuesday night, I met a great bunch of nurses from the Red Deer area, at the Central Zone dinner. One nurse that I had a chance to talk with, an …

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Apr 29

So, what do you do?

What do you do? It’s such a common question. How do YOU describe your nursing practice? What language do you use? Language is powerful, and brings forth a world for the listener. What world do you bring forth when you talk about your practice? Do you describe it differently depending on who you are talking …

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Mar 31

How are you leading today?

Choosing your leadership direction

  Every day, it becomes clearer to me that leadership is a choice. A choice lived in each moment, each action, and each interaction. Think of someone on your team who is always  bringing positive ideas to the table, seeking your input, or simply wondering out loud what it might be like to approach a problem …

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