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This is where I get to share thoughts with you about things that drive me, as a nurse, a little CRAZY. Folks of my generation would say this is where I "let it all hang out". I keep it professional, but absolutely real.

Apr 29

So, what do you do?

What do you do? It’s such a common question. How do YOU describe your nursing practice? What language do you use? Language is powerful, and brings forth a world for the listener. What world do you bring forth when you talk about your practice? Do you describe it differently depending on who you are talking …

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Apr 18

Groundhog Day and the great health care debate. Again.

It's Groundhog Day Everyday!

I was reminded recently how much I enjoy listening to Michael Rachlis, Canadian health policy analyst and well known expert on the Canadian health care system. He was being interviewed on CBC ‘s the Current regarding health care and the upcoming Federal election. He had me, hands down, when he said this “for me, it’s Groundhog …

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