Jun 28

RNs and LPNs: what’s the problem?

Hello! It’s been pretty quiet on the old blog the last couple of weeks (or maybe, like me, you have all taken a little vacation? Just spent a week in Napa valley with 5 nurse girlfriends–crazy fun)–anyhow, I’d like to try something a little different.  I will pose a question, and invite your reflections.

If there is one issue I hear about when I am visiting with nurses, it’s this: “the RN-LPN problem”.  I’m not sure I understand it very well, but I’m pretty sure it has got to do with role ambiguity and role tension, and lack of clarity when it comes to overlapping scopes of practice.

What is your experience of the “RN-LPN problem” in y our workplace? What are the potential solutions? Ball is in your court, and thanks in advance!

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