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Mar 31

How are you leading today?

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Choosing your leadership directionEvery day, it becomes clearer to me that leadership is a choice. A choice lived in each moment, each action, and each interaction. Think of someone on your team who is always  bringing positive ideas to the table, seeking your input, or simply wondering out loud what it might be like to approach a problem in a different way. Someone who makes you feel valued, someone who lets others know that it’s OK to disagree, and that the strength of the team is in its different viewpoints. This is someone making choices to lead positively…maybe that someone is you!  Now, think of the team member that sees only extra work where you see opportunity. When a team decision is needed, he/she is often silent until the “meeting after the meeting”, disagrees in ways that shut down discussion, or just seems irritated. This is the one that leaves you scratching your head and asking yourself “why on Earth is he/she here?”  Now, perhaps there are circumstances unknown to you that are making that person’s life and work  challenging, but even so, that person–in that moment– is choosing to lead—even the Titanic had a captain. In each word and action, that person is choosing to steer towards the iceberg and take the team along!

Leadership isn’t about assuming a leadership role, or “being the boss”, or knowing everything, or even being ‘decisive’.  It is about consciously and authentically choosing, in each moment, to BE a leader. It’s knowing that your actions, or inactions, bring an energy to others around you. It’s knowing  you have an influence on those who share the work with you, and choosing the type of influence you will bring. Tomorrow, make a conscious choice about how you will lead, and know that others are watching!

What does positive leadership look like to you? Do you have a story, or comment to share? I hope you will share it here!

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