Jun 11

Shout it out!

Just returned from an uplifting, positive and inspiring CARNA conference. Such an amazing bunch of RNs in attendance! We all committed to being part of a positive force within the profession–to encourage our colleagues and create cultures where nursing passion grows! So, when I got home and found this I had to share it–just like the little guy in the video, find your curb and shout out your encouragement to fellow RNs!


  1. Mohamed

    I hope the government huirres up!!!!! A couple of weeks ago I was left on the ward in my mental health facility with 16 patients and a nurse that didn,t work on the wards because the beurocracy thought it more important that another staff member attend training in the new ward. Our NUM was working elsewhere and i had to send my other nurse with a patient for treatment. I was dealing with the 16 patients as well as taking a phone call from a relative who was making a complaint, as well as organising discharges, treatments etc.

    1. Shannon

      Mohamed, what do you want the government to “hurry up” and do? If there is one thing I have learned, is that RNs need to arrive with evidence, ideas, and possible solutions. Just to show up at the Minister’s door with “we need more money” doesn’t fly. And…I’m not convinced that more money into the system is the answer anyhow. Let me ask you this: on your unit, what opportunity can you create to have discussions of situations like this with your colleagues and your NUM?–these situations are clearly placing patients at risk–and any decision maker would want to know about it, and engage staff in a discussion of potential solutions. Can you be the practice leader that contributes to making that happen?

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