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Apr 21

Election update 2: Meeting my WR candidate

I was able to meet with my local Wildrose candidate on Friday, April 20th, and spent about 30 minutes with him discussing topics of concern to this Registered Nurse. I asked him about the implications of his party’s stand on dismantling Alberta Health Services, and what he thought that might accomplish. He admitted that he …

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Apr 15

Election update 1: meeting my candidates

So, today I met with my local candidates in the Progressive Conservative and New Democratic parties. I’d like to bring you up to speed on what I learned. My focus in each meeting was to share some information from a registered nursing perspective, and leave them with a question to ponder. I learned: Politicians are people …

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Apr 03

“Safe” care and crumbs of kindness: NOT NEARLY GOOD ENOUGH

The other day a colleague told me how grateful she was for the “positive” experience her family had in the acute care sector. I quote: “my husband didn’t get an infection in hospital, and the nurses were mostly kind to us”. I ask you: how did things get to the point where this bare minimum (and some would say sub) standard became …

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Feb 05

Technology and the Art of Nursing

I was chatting with a colleague last week, and she was telling me about her class discussion around technology in nursing. We mused, as have others in the nursing literature, about how the truly expert nurse makes even the most intrusive technology almost invisible, whereas the novice is overwhelmed and preoccupied with it. It reminded me of …

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